Pink Oscillator (EP)

by Lapses

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Pink Oscillator is the story of four young women in the year 2099, alienated against a backdrop of adolescence, adapting to an ever expanding form of technology that controls our every way of comfort and conformity.

A young girl who escapes through cyberpace to avoid the clutches of an overprotective mother in order to find love. Another who loses the concept of reality by the means of a hologram machine that lets her look and simulate into her past. A young girl who uploads her conscience into her computerized car takes on a rebellion of its own, and a shy teenager whos exposure to a confidence implanted chip called "Pink Oscillator" transforms her into an alter ego with murderous side effects.


released July 7, 2015

Recorded at Bombz Productions.
Mixing and mastering - Sean Bombz and Matt Cannon
All songs written and produced by Lapses (lyrics arranged by Lynna Stancato on "Hologram Heart")
Art by Wendy Nemitz
Logo Design by Tom Stuart

Thanks to: Sean Bombz, Mike George, (30th Floor Records), Lynna Stancato, Wendy-cummings Nemitz, Tom Stuart, Luca Panzer, Chris Stilz, Von Hertzog, Marco & Rick (Sythetix Radio), Tristan McLeaveer, Evan "QQQ", Barbra Moser (darksynth radio), Rob Graham, Adam Cohen, Claire Paziora, Casey Brennan, Quinn Waters, Nick Carn, Ellen Strack, Jerry Ryan, Greg Altman, Dustin Dillinger, Jack Cannon, Leiana Bombz, Steve Goldberg, Rob Lindgren, James Wass, Mikele Edwards, Jay Dyer, Peter Wilson, Synthetix FM for plugging my tunes. My family for supporting what I do and most importantly, my love, my true best friend and life confidante, Janelle Belmont.
To anyone I have unintentionally forgotten, Thank You!

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Track Name: Hologram Heart (feat. Lynna Stancato)
"Hologram Heart"

A love built on Metaphysics, I feel your heartbeat in the room

A love contained in fibre-optics, I'm entering in the program code

The house is covered in peeling walls in front of naked cables

I'm still here with wires out of my head

You don't mind the mess because my heart can't seem to regress

I'm standing there, you're standing there

I know this is real